Open question?

Les Schaffer schaffer at
Thu May 17 19:52:24 MDT 2001

[Non-member submission from ["canwat" <canwat at>], quoted
text snipped]

Thank you for your comments Greg.

I received other comments with links to J.Petras positions about the
NGO's in L.A. I am agreed with J.Petras analysis, which is right in
denouncing the Capitalist agenda.

The question is that still no one confront the What's the alternative
today?  How we create local community based economic project oriented
to empower the people, question the system and most important
implement alternatives solutions.

We use popular education, alternative culture and art expressions,
self-defense groups, etc... to create alternative ways to lead the
struggle again the capitalism. There little about economic (at people
level) alternatives to empower marginalize and poor
communities. Co-ops or worker's co-op for some is not the way, which
one is?

hopefully some "companeros" express their opinion.

Czar, Canada

PS. The system main attack is the economic blockade, how we can
develop a practice of economic self-dependence today, for tomorrow's

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