the history of the IS (US)

Les Schaffer schaffer at
Thu May 17 21:51:52 MDT 2001

[ forwarded from Ravi Malhotra <malhotra at> ]

Hi.  I read your post on Lou's web site. I am not on the list but read
it and have met Lou.  I wanted to thank you as I have been trying to
figure out for many years (nearly a decade!) why the IS and Workers
Power split (although I thought it was in 1977, the same year as the
ISO split).  Yours if the first articulate account. Even long time
Soli members were not able to tell me. I also agree with you about the
super high quality of the first series of ATC, although I like the
second series as well.  I wish I could buy all the issues of the first
series.  I don't suppose you knew where I could?  The only thing I
have read (aside from exclusions like the strange evolution of the LRP
out of the RSL) in variance with your account is I thought the
expulsion/split/whatever of the ISO in 1977 *in part* precipitated, in
addition to the reasons you give, the tensions between Workers Power
and the IS.  Wasn't Mike Davis in Workers Power?  It's too bad he
didn't join Solidarity. And I agree with you on the importance of CLR

I am a Canadian in the NDP (but pretty alienated from the party)

Anyway, thanks for the post.


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