French in Algeria: Inhumanity exposed

jenyan1 jenyan1 at
Thu May 17 21:53:11 MDT 2001

The mistake here is my own.  I had been lead to believe that the line of
the PCF leadership was that the question of Algeria was to be resolved
not by independence but within the the French state. I have obviously had
a superficial and incomplete reading of this issue, which showed in my
reply to your initial mail. Furthermore, it could not have been further
from my intention to criticise the courageous rank and file members you
mentioned in your last mail, and of whom I was not even aware.
My apologies.
John Enyang

> I think it would be hard to tell Josette Audin, whose husband and
> comrade in the French Communist Party was tortured to death and
> disappeared because he was trying to defend the NLF against police
> terror, that her husband was a political criminal becuase he was following
> the policies of the French Communist Party.
> Or tell the children, lovers, comrades of the 6 members of the PCF who
> were beaten to death by the cops in a metro station because they were
> carrying pro-NFL banners, in a fight so ferocious that it left the ceiling
> splattered with blood, that these six people, convinced and dedicated
> members of the PCF, were political criminals.
> It is important to point out the political mistakes and betrayals of the left
> in Europe and the USA but I think it is important to do it in a way that
> does not deprecate the sacrifices and risks of the militants in these
> organizations.

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