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>News from Australia.  Seems I have caused a minor stir with so-called
>"racist" comments about Western leaders.....
>[excerpt from message]:
>Well said. I just learnt that some protestors at M1 in Melbourne were
>fined $500 for giving out anti Nike pamphlets. The council introduced
>a race vilification bylaw in 1999 which has now been used to silence
>freedom of speech.
>That was shortly after 4 Rabelais Editors editors were suspended over
>"racist" remarks made outside campus. These are 2 of them -
>1) The first accusation stems from an article from the
>website called 'A Flight Against The  Blockade' by Gregory Elich.
>Specifically, the AFS (Administration Finance and Services, a
>committee of the SRC) claims that the lines "American and British
>leaders, so eager to appoint themselves as judges in regard to others,
>have shown that no one poses a greater threat to peace than do they." and
>"...Western leaders demonstrate a contempt for the lives of others"
>are racist.
>2) The second instance, perhaps more laughable than the first, is a
>review for a zine called 'Nuances.' It does not concern the review
>itself, but the picture accompanying the article. The picture was the
>cover of the zine, which had the title of one of its articles: 'Silly
>things French people do and say." This too was regarded as racist.
>This is why I oppose anti vilification laws. They are appropriated,
>used and misused, and abused in ways never intended (I hope) by

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