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IMHO, a socialist state can also be a state of mind, whereas being free and
easy with the use of guns is typically not really socialist or really

Socialism has to live in various worlds - none of them ideal, including the
most reactionary right wing regimes, so, what's the deal with guns?

Remember, socialism has to address concerns and solve things that are
realizable, this is not a crusade of mutually segured destruction, more of
the errosion of right wing gung-ho and gun-paranoia hegemony.



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Calling for gun control in a capitalist society with a capitalist
state is a liberal fantasy. The application of a "war on guns" would
have exactly the same effect of the "war on drugs". Non-whites, the
poor and the working class would bear the brunt of the police
harrasment, arrest and incarceration for firearms possession.  Gun
control would only criminalize and incarcerate another million plus
working class people. Also, given the number of firearms already on
the streets and the ease with which guns and munitions could be
smuggled a "war on guns" would also create another avenue for
organized crime to prey on the poor.

Under a socialist state gun control would be an entirely different
matter.  But as things stand now in the U.S. gun control is a
distraction from the real causes of crime and a cover for
strengthening and expanding the already massive police state faced by
the poorest and most exploited.

Sean Noonan

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