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Kathmandu Post. 20 May 2001. Maoists declare admn, vow to fight army;
IGP blames police for increasing Maoists; Elected positions do not hold
charm any more. Combined reports.

BHAWANG — Vowing to fight the Royal Nepal Army (RNA), underground
Communist Party of Nepal (Maoists) have declared their local government
here, days before the army is scheduled to march into the Maoists’ base
area as part of the government’s recently unveiled Integrated Security
Development Package (ISDP).

The army is formally being deployed in the district from the first week
of June, where according to official version, they will work on various
development projects.

The rebels declared what they call "people’s local government" on
Wednesday amidst a huge gathering of local villagers - most of them
Maoist supporters [NOTE THAT] - in this remote village, eight hour’s
walking distance away east of Liwang, the district headquarters.

The local representatives were elected in local elections held on April
9, 10 and 11, when the underground party was observing its fifth

Election Commissioner "Manohar" said that the declaration was part of
the party’s policy to announce local governments in its stronghold
districts - Rolpa, Rukum, Salyan, Jajarkot, Kalikot and Gorkha.

Speaking at a function held in local Bageshwori Primary School, he added
that the declaration of the "people’s local government" followed
elections of village and ward committees in Rolpa’s 51 Village
Development Committees.

A 19-member committee is in charge of the local government. The
committee is headed by Santosh Buda, and is assisted by Khim Bahadur
Thapa. Other members of the committee include representatives of Magarat
Mukti Morcha, Dalit Mukti Morcha, intellectuals, women and area

Maoist leaders expressed deep concerns over the upcoming army
mobilization, blamed the government of working to provoke civil war in
the country, and vowed to fight back fearlessly.

While stating that the underground Maoists are now prepared to declare
local governments in their bases, Chief Buda said that "the ruling
reactionary government was an illegitimate one, and our government has
been declared today to topple it."

He added, "Our party is in war phase now, that is why it appears to be
more dangerous. But our government will help make constructive works and
projects too.

Stating that the Maoists were prepared to fight with the Army sooner or
later, Chief of the Maoists’ Military Department, "Lifwang" said that
his "partymen are prepared to take on the army which intrudes on our
territory and targets our structures."

Most of the speakers came down heavily on the Prime Minister Girija
Prasad Koirala and CPN (Masal) leader Mohan Bikram Singh.

Talking with this reporter in Liwang, the district headquarters, Chief
District Officer Hari Krishna Upadhyay, said that there is a strong
possibility of Army-Maoist confrontation in the district, and added that
the army would be mobilized after the first week of June.

Deputy Superintendent of Police Mahesh Shah acknowledged that the
policemen are "demoralized and are unprepared to fight with the

Inspector General of Police (IGP) Pradeep SJB Rana said on Saturday that
maltreatment of police to the ordinary people was the cause behind the
increment of Maoist activities in the country.

He said that police maltreated the common people during its anti-Maoist
operations in some hilly districts of the mid-western region two years

“The police killed innocent people, discriminated against ordinary
people based on their social status and maltreated the locals during
their patrols,” IGP Rana said.

Most of the people’s representatives who were elected in the last local
elections have been leading life of a refugee in the district
headquarters after the elections.

They are unable to return home and engage themselves in agricultural
activities due to the fear of the Maoist insurgents.

Although the Maoists did not allow them to return home, the local
people’s representatives were initially receiving some assistance sent
from their homes and relatives. This slightly eased the hardship in
their life. However, they are not receiving any assistance from home

Most of the people’s representatives living in the district headquarters
are unable to go to their respective VDCs to see whether development
works are going on or not.

On the other hand, Maoist insurgents have made it public that they have
constituted their committees in the village and district in an attempt
to form their district administration.

Maoist workers have captured the land of those who have fled their
homes. Only recently, they took control of the land belonging to Magma
VDC chairman Nain Singh Damai. Damai and his family members have been
staying in the district headquarters for a long time.

Maoists have also captured the land belonging to different people and
cultivate the land themselves.


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