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Sun May 20 20:50:56 MDT 2001

At 10:09  21/05/01 +1000, you wrote:
>Mind you, Nestor, the opposition to Dutch Imperialism was at best half
>hearted once one got outside the ranks of the Communist Party of
>Australia.  Thus Doc Evatt, Australia's Labor foreign minister, described
>the trade union blockade of Dutch ships a "disgrace".  While the Tory
>Opposition called for the Labor government to take action against the
>unions. This period is covered in a very good documentary by the great
>Joris Ivens entitled _Indonesia Calling_.  In turn this film was the
>subject of a very brilliant chapter in my thesis!  A copy of this same
>chapter can be had by anyone on request.  Do not all rush!
>warm regards

Gary I would be interested in seeing such a chapter. I would also add
having been a member of the CPA and having been lectured by activists of
the period in question (especially ex-seamen and whafies) that
internationalism was very much alive and practical at the rank and file
end. To whit practical assistance was given in the form of smuggling and
protecting Indonesians and other direct support to the armed struggle.
There was much wrong with the CPA but never its rank and file, whose
struggles and contribution I am still in awe.

Greg Schofield
Perth Australia

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