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<<  Jared, you should take the trouble to study up on Zimbabwe. You are taking
 one sentence out of context. Mugabe has spent 15 years bending over
 backwards to keep the World Bank and the IMF placated....We should be
looking out for the next Thomas Sankara, not these bums. >>

I wrote  a long reply to this, but after I read it I figured I was belaboring
the point.

But then Lou's bait, that I should study Zimbabwe, reminded me of something

Lou is a superb researcher, in my opinion.  Research is the key to the game
of exposure of the ways Imperialism is trying to penetrate -  which in my
opinion is the heart of what we must expose.  Research is what creates this
"wealth." It is the key to Chossudovsky's work, for instance.

Lou  posted the information on the NED-Yugoslavia connection that was the
basis of the Emperor's Clothes article that got picked up by Yugoslavian mass
media (TV, all newspapers) - and the NY Times - and ended up being used in
Milosevic's Oct. 2 speech and, a minor point, was the basis of the expose
that got that award at Project Censored. It has been picked up by George
Szamuely, who has gotten it into mainstream newspapers.

Why, Lou, don't you put your considerable skills to doing intensive
investigation of the web of connections between these democracy groups
created by the U.S. all around the world, on the one hand, and the USAID,
NED, NDI, IRI, etc. etc., (there are connected and similar parent groups in
South Africa, German y, etc.) on the other.  It's all (still) on the
Internet.  Why don't you  document it., and so on.  Lexis.

That would be a labor of Darwinian significance. A map of how the US is
creating fifth columns.


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