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"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamed of in
your philosophy." Hamlet, Act I, Scene I (?).

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<< There are some on this list that seem convinced that the officer corps of
 Third World countries represents a potent force in the fight for national
 independence, and seem to suggest a "stagist" theory of revolution >>

Officer corps?  I guess. I mean, they're people too.

But anyway, this entirely misses the point. The issue does NOT proceed on
both sides from a conflict of theory. On one side it is seen as a practical
question posed by real life: when the U.S. tries to crush nations and
consequently when forces in those nations resist, which is what is happening
NOW all over even if it is not supposed to happen according to anyone's
philosophy, do we, especially in Imperial countries a) do all in their power
to assist AND ESPECIALLY TO EXPOSE among our  own people the injustice and
chauvinism and harm to their own interests of the attacks and attempts to set
up Fifth Columns or b) what else CAN we do? what are the other practical
alternatives  except either (like some) 1) support those the Imperialists set
up as Fifth Columns or like some others 2) await the coming of the "right"
people.  And until then what - knit? Play 'Marxism'?

THAT - not a theoretical question of stages - is the issue.  The problem is
that a certain kind of harmful training which has been inflicted on many
Leftists makes it sehr difficult to perceive this practical situation, namely
 that people, messy, imperfect, people sometimes dare to rebel when least
expected and then one does - what? what is to be done?


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