Socialist Party Creates New Non-Profit Educational Foundation and Think Tank

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Mon May 21 10:08:43 MDT 2001

For Immediate Release: May 21, 2001

Socialist Party Creates New Non-Profit Educational
Foundation and Think Tank

The Socialist Party announced the creation of a
not-for-profit corporation,
the American Socialist Foundation, which would serve
as an educational
foundation and think tank for the party and the
broader democratic
socialist movement. "We like to think of this as our
Cato Institute," said
Greg Pason, the Socialist Party's National Secretary.
"With this new
foundation we can hold conferences, publish books and
issue studies and
reports on a variety of issues from an inclusive
socialist perspective."

The Foundation, which is seeking federal tax-exempt
status, will enlist a
Board of Advisors comprised of socialist scholars,
artists, writers and
activists from all organizations and backgrounds to
explore a philosophy
that is uniquely American. "One thing I emphasized
during my campaign was
the need to look beyond Russia and Scandinavia to find
our own models for
an American socialist movement committed to profound
radical social change
by democratic and peaceful means," said former
Socialist Presidential
candidate David McReynolds, a member of the American
Socialist Foundation's
Board of Trustees.

The Foundation plans a formal kick-off to its
activities a September forum
in Washington DC to coincide with the mobilization
against the IMF/World
Bank meetings.

For inquiries, grants and donations, contact:
Shaun Richman
shaun at

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