A daring assumption (was Re: East Timor and all that.)

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Mon May 21 22:54:00 MDT 2001

En relación a Re: A daring assumption (was Re: East Timor and a,
el 21 May 01, a las 9:56, Greg Schofield dijo:

> The support given by Australian people to Indonesia national
> liberation, was subverted by imperialist strategy and allowed the
> military to align with Suharto and his kind, it was further
> subverted (at least ideologically) so that support was given to the
> 1975 invasion of East Timor, and again it was subverted in the
> recent struggle for East Timor's independence.

We are in the most absolute of agreements. All of my line of
argumentation runs along the idea that the Australian Left should be
seriously reconsidering not the support itself, which is absolutely
out of any questioning, but the KIND of support they gave to
Indonesians. As I dive deeper into these waters it becomes ever more
clear for me that the Indonesian question may be, for a succesful
Australian Left, as essential an issue as the Irish question for an
English left.

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
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