Capitulation in Vietnam: 'threshold of a new age'

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[NOTE: Anyone here ever saw the Wall Street Journal's coverage of the
Great Depression? It wasn't even acknowledged until a full year later.
What follows reminds me of that...]

POSTMARK PRAGUE No.338. 22 May 2001. Socialist Vietnam on the threshold
of a new age. Excerpts.

The following interview with Hassan Charfo, head of the Czech Communist
Party’s international department, on the 9th Congress of the Communist
Party of Vietnam was published in the Czech left daily Halo noviny on
May 17.

... In his report Le Kha Phieu dealt mainly with the strategy of social
and economic development in the current decade and the specific tasks of
the current five year plan.

The emphasis is on continuing the struggle to preserve national and
social advances and finding the resources and methods for continuing the
building of a socialist society in the new conditions of transition to a
market economy and for further industrialisation and modernisation as
the country is integrated into the world economy.

... [T]he economy is growing annually by five per cent. And its
structure has changed. While a few years ago the state and cooperative
sectors were dominant, today the private sector occupies an important

Vietnam is a country which has been opened up to foreign capital and
investors are taking advantage of this.

Tourism is on the increase, and a great many new hotels are being built.

... Openness of the economy, a socialist market economy, deepening of
the process of industrialisation and modernisation, and also
normalisation of foreign relations not only with regional and
neighbouring countries, but virtually with the whole world, including
the USA.

It means continuing the socialist path of development in new conditions.

... [Vietnam] has completely rejected the policies of pressure and
interference by the big powers and institutions like the International
Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the World Trade Organisation.


Associated Press. 21 May 2001. Vietnam official: Delay in U.S. trade
agreement will hurt both sides. Excerpts.

HANOI — Delays by the United States in the ratification of an agreement
that would normalize trade ties with Vietnam will harm both sides, a
senior Vietnamese trade official said.

"A delay in the ratification of the bilateral trade agreement will hurt
the spirit and will of business people from the two countries [NOTE
THAT] who have worked very hard for this agreement,'' Assistant Trade
Minister Nguyen Dinh Luong was quoted as saying by the state-controlled
Thanh Nien (Young People) newspaper.

"It will hurt the interests of the two countries,'' said Luong, who was
Vietnam's chief negotiator for the agreement.

The agreement is expected to greatly increase two-way trade. It requires
that Vietnam introduce an unprecedented level of competition and
financial openness.

Luong said Vietnam is preparing seriously for the pact's implementation.

"The Vietnamese government is conducting an overall review of its legal
system to consider changes, amendments and revisions in accordance with
the commitments of the agreement,'' Luong said.

He said Vietnam is continuing to allow U.S. products to enter at low
tariff rates even though the agreement has not been ratified and
Vietnamese goods still face discrimination in the U.S. market.


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