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Yesterday I walked by the television set which was humming away on its own,
and was grabbed by a history channel biography of Jack and Morris Childs.

Morris and Jack Childs were top ranking members of the CPUSA who worked for
the FBI for more than 25 years. His brother.

The documentary was convincing - especially the photographs of Morris in
the CP, and recieving an award from the head of the FBI (one of the ones
after Hoover.) However, the history channel is not my most trusted source
of info.

This show was particularly interesting to me, since I have long believed
that the CPUSA must have been the long term and central target of the FBI's
efforts to infiltrate and subvert the left in the USA.

The CPUSA was simply - and by far - the largest and most influenctial
organization of the left in the USA up until the 1960's.

What happened to the Black Panther Party, and to a greater or lesser extent
to all left organizations in the USA, must have happened to the CPUSA -
only begining earlier, with more resources devoted to it by the government,
and possibly with more success.

This strong hunch was never anything I could completely substantiate - not
having the access to the documentary evidence, nor the time or devotion to
go looking for it.

So, did anyone see the history channel bio of the Childs?

Does anyone have any info, or opinions? I would be interested to read them.

All the best,


Louis Proyect
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