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May 01, a las 8:38, Gary MacLennan dijo:

> >>That is, one of the leaders, or perhaps _the_ leader,(Lang) who came
> >>closest to
> >>leading Australia into a socialist revolution was - an imperialist
> >>capitalist!
> He was also a committed anti-Semite a trait by the way which is
> still alive in Sydney Labor.
> There is a lot more to tell about Lang though.  The "Big Fellow" as
> he was called was linked to welfarist Labor politics. That was the
> material basis for the legend that he was on the side of the workers
> and it gave us the crowds of silent thousands grieving at this
> funeral.

He seems to have understood, as Cecil Rhodes before him, that the
Empire was a matter of full bellies. It is very usual that
"distributionist" leaders in imperialist countries are strong
imperialists. You can see the pattern everywhere.

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