Dependency theory

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Thu May 24 08:13:02 MDT 2001

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And that is not all.  Underlying the capitalist structure, there is a
peculiar geography and a concrete demography that refract the process of
capitalist reproduction in definite ways.  And overlaying it, there are
political 'super-structures', which have an influence on the course of the
capitalist reproduction.  There are different states with different
political configurations, laws, currencies, social attitudes, ideologies,
etc.  These are all additional influences (and sources of trouble) on the
course of the capitalist reproduction for which we need a separate
accounting.  In summary, when we look at particular social formations (say,
Latin America), it is our task to distinguish between the different sources
of trouble for capitalist expansion and not lump them all together.


CB: These states and superstructures are not mainly sources of trouble for capitalist
expansion. They are integral parts of Capitalism,  directly aiding capitalist
accumulation, expansion and reproduction.  Exercise of state power on behalf of
capitalist interests is a necessary condition for the existence and perpetuation of

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