Ellen Meiksins Woody Allen

Les Schaffer schaffer at SPAMoptonline.net
Thu May 24 20:57:55 MDT 2001

[Non-member submission from
 ["Erdogan Bakir" <bakir at mill.econ.utah.edu>], quoted post trimmed ]

I have been following this list for the last two years. During this
time I have observed that things-language, criticism etc.- are getting
ugly whenever Lou disagreas with someone. Ellen has never been
academic Marxist superstar; at least this phrase is not suitable for
someone who wrote "the Retreat from Class" which had great influence
on socilalists who were surrounded by anti and/or no-class theories of
1980s and 1990s. Why don't you just criticize what she wrote instead
of telling her what to do.  erdogan

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