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>I have been following this list for the last two years. During this
>time I have observed that things-language, criticism etc.- are getting
>ugly whenever Lou disagreas with someone. Ellen has never been
>academic Marxist superstar; at least this phrase is not suitable for
>someone who wrote "the Retreat from Class" which had great influence
>on socilalists who were surrounded by anti and/or no-class theories of
>1980s and 1990s. Why don't you just criticize what she wrote instead
>of telling her what to do.  erdogan

Five years ago I thought that it was a big deal that people like Wood and
Perry Anderson were ripping into postmodernism. That was then and this is
now. The major task today is not demolishing postmodernism because it fell
apart on its own, like other fancy academic leftist trends like Analytical
Marxism. Our task today is to address the growing mass movement against
capitalism, which assumes problematic forms in demonstrations such as took
place in Quebec and Seattle. It involves coming to terms with the relation
between Marxism and ecology, trade union protectionism and anarchism among
other questions. People like Wood and Anderson have nothing to say about
these questions. NLR has issued a formal declaration that struggles against
capitalism are futile. Meanwhile, Wood has written nothing over the past 3
years except defenses of the Brenner thesis, which itself is not only 25
years old but of practically no significance to revolutionary-minded youth.
With this mailing list I hope to create a pole of attraction for people who
are serious about challenging the capitalist system. If and when Wood and
Anderson write something relevant to this task, I will support their efforts.

Louis Proyect
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