Dependency theory

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Sat May 26 10:22:29 MDT 2001

Dayne Goodwin's analysis of the depency theory is very useful, informative
and specific. Thanks, Dayne, for clarifying the issue from a broader
theoretical and political perspective. I have learnt a great deal from your

This should be the way that people on other lists (pen-l) should discuss
the topic.  Not abstract preaching or Socratic questioning, but specific
info+history+comparative research+citation....What seems to be funny on
such forums is that it is becoming increasingly difficult for some liberal
arts economists ( and career phd students) to visit the library. Our
combative Lou, who takes the trouble of posting about Spanish agriculture
and class relations on that list by actually reading the material, is
encountered by a couple of Brenner admirerers who _speculate_ without
citing (except Brenner).. So funny!!.

Marxism list proves how the debate here is much more qualified, politically
conscious and specific..

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