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> Nestor Miguel Gorojovsky wrote
> > > "Austin, Andrew" wrote:
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> > > The workers' states in Easter Europe
> > > were established, not so much by autoctonous revolutions, but by the Red
> > > Army
> >
> > With one important exception. Yugoslavia.
> >
> And Albania? Or is this considered part of Yugoslavia in this context?

And Albania. I gladly concede, because I am no chauvinist (less of all,
chauvinist of a country that is not mine!)

Just a question, however.

Would Albanian struggle have been what it was without the struggle of
the Yugoslav Partizans? Whose struggle supported, in an objective way,
whose else's?

Left to themselves, most Albanian elites (I am responsibly avoiding
any "class" definition) seem to have always been seeking the support
of a faraway power against their nearby neighbours. That is the
problem, IMHO.

At any rate, the sardonic question by Johannes is, in fact, pointing
to a crucial issue in the Balkans: are we Marxists to equate, as the
bourgeois does, _every_ national liberation movement? This question
has been posed once and again on this list, on many issues all of
which have in common the fact that they are complex imperialist
interventions in areas with conflicting national struggles. I will not
address it now, I am just pointing to the issue.

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