Dependency Theory (Mine) - (Nestor) ( Karl Marx)

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Tue May 29 13:58:18 MDT 2001

Oops.  I meant to include this quote in my previous posting, from Marx

"All production is appropriation of nature on the part of an individual
within and through a specific form of society. In this sense it is a
tautology to say that property (appropriation) is a precondition of
production. But it is altogether ridiculous to leap from that to a specific
form of property, e.g. private property. (Which further and equally
presupposes an antithetical form, non-property.) History rather shows common
property (e.g. in lndia, among the Slavs, the early Celts, etc.) to be the
more [8] original form, a form which long continues to play a significant
role in the shape of communal property. The question whether wealth develops
better in this or another form of property is still quite beside the point
here. But that there can be no production and hence no society where some
form of property does not exist is a tautology. An appropriation which does
not make something into property is a contradictio in subjecto."
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