Thoughts on China and International Solidarity was Re: reply to GaryMacLennan (re East Timor)

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Tue May 29 14:36:58 MDT 2001

> > gorojovsky at
>Sorry to tell you Nestor, China was a close ally of US throughout 70s and
>80s in the struggle against the 'Soviet Social Imperialism.

>Pakistan has always
>been a close ally of China and China has consistently backed Pakistani
>claims on Kashmir and supported it economically and militarily.


It is good to be reminded of the Machiavellian maneuvering of Deng Xiao
Ping and his avatars.  Like all such unprincipled cunning it has proved to
be a disaster in the medium term and may well be worse in the long
term.  As the USA lines up China for at least Cold War status, the Chinese
desperately need friends in the West.  But they threw away their Maoist
comrades long ago.  Moreover the clever packaging of the Dalia Lama as the
last spiritual hope of the jaded West means that around the world Left
Liberals will not rally to China's side in any conflict.

To repeat in any conflict with the USA, China will need international
solidarity. The "Middle Kingdom" mentality will not see it through. But
such solidarity comes with a price.  The Chinese have to once more emerge
as a progressive force around the world.  That they have not been for a
very long time.



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