Dependency theory (Charles)

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Wed May 30 09:21:39 MDT 2001

On Wed, 30 May 2001, Charles Brown wrote:

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> CB: Quoting Marx on capitalism is more comparable to quoting Einstein in
discussing relativity , or Darwin in discussing evolution than a religious
text. Repetitiveness is not ritual , but argumentation.  Engels pointed
out that Marxism is a science and must be studied.
> To not quote Marx and Engels on these issues is almost a form of
plagerism, but they had no ownership of their ideas , being communists. Go
ahead. Steal these ideas. Marx stood on the shoulders of giants himself.

While I'm in general agreement with your argument on dependency theory, I
have to dispute what you write above.

Science does not advance by repeating the ideas of the masters,  no matter
how great they were. For example, if Einstein were to miraculously return
today, it is safe to assume that there would be much in 'his' theory that
he would not recognise. Ditto, for say Galois. Though there is a subject
called Galois theory today, research in the subject builds on the methods
and ideas established by the young Galois 170 years ago. But, even when
discussing Galois theory, it is rare (!) to quote Galois writing directly.
His writings are mainly of historical interest. Of course this does not
diminish the essential importance of his contribution in any way.

Much the same goes for Darwin methinks.

J Enyang

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