My final word on Brenner/Wood

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Thu May 31 11:56:29 MDT 2001

I just got an invitation from Immanuel Wallerstein to send my long post
into his journal, after I have expanded it some.

I also subbed to the Socialist_Register list as "Eli Moskowitz", my 'nom de
guerre,' since they have banned me for one two many fights with Doug
Henwood. I wanted to make sure that Colin Leys read it, since part of my
post dealt with his Brennerite rapture over the Kenyan coffee, laundry and
hotel bourgeoisie. Leys, like other SR editors, is subbed to the list but
like all the other editors, never posts anything.

I am sure my post had the impact of a nuclear bomb, since I was removed
from the list posthaste. Even though I disclosed at the bottom of the post
that Eli Moskowitz is Louis Proyect, Monthly Review muck-a-muck John Mage
must have not noticed it since he sent the piece on to Harry Magdoff for
possible publication. Mage hates Wood and she hates him.

Meanwhile, poor old Harry, not knowing that Eli Moskowitz is me, sent me
email raising the question of a submission. I revealed that I was Louis
Proyect and wouldn't give those bastards the time of day. My experiences
with MR have been universally awful. Four years ago I mentioned to Magdoff
at his Peekskill home that Andrew Hacker's "Money" was a valuable book,
although not Marxist. He told me to write up a review. After wasting a
month on the effort, I turned it in only to be told that they couldn't use
it because Hacker was not a Marxist. Go figure. (Having stated all this, I
must admit that my politics remain close to theirs.)

About a year ago, I wrote a brief review of Sol Dollinger's MR book on the
UAW called "Not Automatic". It was rejected because the review dealt too
much with how the left operated in the UAW, a topic that would not be
understood by their "younger readers", in other words everybody under the
age of 80. My strong suspicion is that Mage nixed the review because of
prior tussles at the magazine involving whether a character named Rakesh
should have been hired. Mage and Henwood were pushing Rakesh, a council
communist and intellectual snob with no publishing history, while Michael
Yates stated it would have not been the best choice. Kathe Pollit got into
the act as well, on Rakesh's behalf. What this liberal has to do with MR
internal hiring practices is anybody's guess.

In any case, the irony is that as much as MR would love to answer Wood,
there is nobody around who could do as good a job as me and I am finished
with them forever.

Louis Proyect
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