URGENT APPEAL: Torture in Palestine

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   Jerusalem, 31 May 2001

Palestinian human rights activist  interrogated
by the Israeli General Security Services  (GSS)

The Palestinian Human Rights  Monitoring Group (PHRMG) and the Public
Committee Against Torture in Israel  (PCATI) are very concerned by the
arrest and interrogation of PHRMG field  researcher, Abed Rahman
33 years old, from the Deheisheh refugee camp  near Bethlehem.

Abed al-Ahmar was arrested on  Thursday 24 May 2001 in the evening, when
was caught without a permit in  Jerusalem, on his way back to Bethlehem.
was placed in a military detention  center in Gush Etzion and Attorney
Schwartz was permitted to visit him on  Sunday 27 May 2001. Abed
looked in good condition.

However, on Wednesday 30 May  2001, he was transferred to the Russian
Compound detention center (Moscobiyya)  in Jerusalem for interrogation
the Israeli General Security Services (GSS).  His detention was extended
20 days.

This morning, Thursday 31 May  2001 at 10:30, Attorney Yossi Schwartz
attempted to visit Abed al-Ahmar but was  told that he was being
interrogated and therefore could not receive any visitor.  At 12:30,
Attorney Yossi Schwartz again presented himself at the Russian  Compound
was this time able to see Mr. al-Ahmar. Mr. Al-Ahmar looked very  ill,
reported that the prison doctor did not provide him with the medication
needs. Attorney Schwartz asked a policeman why al-Ahmar had not been
his medication and was told that the medication was given to him.
Schwartz told the policeman:  You are a liar! , and was immediately
under  arrest for insulting a public officer. Al-Ahmar was taken away,
could  not finish the meeting with his attorney.

Attorney Yossi Schwartz then  complained against the policeman and was

Abed al-Ahmar has been previously  imprisoned several times. He was most
recently released in May 1998 after two  and a half years in
detention. He was tortured repeatedly, and as  a result still suffers
from a
hiatal hernia and severe back problems. In 2000 he  sued the GSS for
damages, and the case is still pending. He is also in need of  medical
treatment that he could only receive in an Israeli hospital, but he has
been denied entry to Israel, even for humanitarian reasons. Now, Abed
al-Ahmar  finds himself once again in the hands of the GSS and PCATI and
PHRMG are most  concerned that he might be subjected to torture. We urge
prison authorities  to provide him with the medical treatment and
that he requires.

The PHRMG values in Mr. al-Ahmar  a field researcher committed to the
of peace, human rights and  non-violence. He recently gave an interview
Israeli television with Gideon  Levy where he expressed his belief in
peaceful coexistence between Jews and  Palestinians on the basis of full
equality and an end to ethnic/nationally-based  discrimination. We are
concerned that the Israeli GSS is harassing him and  trying to prevent
from pursuing a career in human rights.

Furthermore, after the arrest on 23 April 2001 of Mr. Adnan  al-Hajar, a
human rights lawyer with al-Mezan Center in Gaza, and the arrest on  28
April 2001 of Mr. Hashem Abu Hassan, field researcher with B'Tselem, the
transfer for interrogation of Mr. Abed al-Ahmar seems to point to a
of  harassment of Palestinian human rights activists by the Israeli

For further information, please contact:

PCATI,    Hannah Friedman, 02-563 0073  or 056 556 442
               Guy  Tatsa, 058 356 030 or 03-529 0572
PHRMG, Mireille Widmer, 02-582  3372

Please send letters of protest to:

Attorney General Elyakim Rubinstein
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Minister of Justice Meir Shitrit
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sar at justice.gov.il

Minister of Internal Affairs Uzi Landau
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Chairman of the Knesset State Comptroller's Committee
MK  Amnon Rubinstein
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with copy to the PHRMG, admin at phrmg.org and PCATI,
pcati at netvision.net.il,
fax 02-566  5477

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