My final word on Brenner/Wood

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Thu May 31 16:20:57 MDT 2001

Lou, congrats on an offer of submission from Wallerstein and Magdoff! Your
article had such scholarly and political quality.

btw, you and Mark Jones have done a great job of trashing Brenner/Wood
thesis on pen-l. I love Mark when he gives an economist of some liberal
arts college, Jim Devine, a piece of his mind. A Brenner devotee he is,
Devine must feel desperate!

bye, Xxxx
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> From: Louis Proyect <lnp3 at>
> To: marxism at
> Subject: My final word on Brenner/Wood
> Date: Thursday, May 31, 2001 2:03 PM
> I just got an invitation from Immanuel Wallerstein to send my long post
> into his journal, after I have expanded it some.
> I also subbed to the Socialist_Register list as "Eli Moskowitz", my 'nom
> guerre,' since they have banned me for one two many fights with Doug
> Henwood. I wanted to make sure that Colin Leys read it, since part of my
> post dealt with his Brennerite rapture over the Kenyan coffee, laundry
> hotel bourgeoisie. Leys, like other SR editors, is subbed to the list but
> like all the other editors, never posts anything.
> I am sure my post had the impact of a nuclear bomb, since I was removed
> from the list posthaste. Even though I disclosed at the bottom of the
> that Eli Moskowitz is Louis Proyect, Monthly Review muck-a-muck John Mage
> must have not noticed it since he sent the piece on to Harry Magdoff for
> possible publication. Mage hates Wood and she hates him.
> Meanwhile, poor old Harry, not knowing that Eli Moskowitz is me, sent me
> email raising the question of a submission. I revealed that I was Louis
> Proyect and wouldn't give those bastards the time of day. My experiences
> with MR have been universally awful. Four years ago I mentioned to
> at his Peekskill home that Andrew Hacker's "Money" was a valuable book,
> although not Marxist. He told me to write up a review. After wasting a
> month on the effort, I turned it in only to be told that they couldn't
> it because Hacker was not a Marxist. Go figure. (Having stated all this,
> must admit that my politics remain close to theirs.)
> About a year ago, I wrote a brief review of Sol Dollinger's MR book on
> UAW called "Not Automatic". It was rejected because the review dealt too
> much with how the left operated in the UAW, a topic that would not be
> understood by their "younger readers", in other words everybody under the
> age of 80. My strong suspicion is that Mage nixed the review because of
> prior tussles at the magazine involving whether a character named Rakesh
> should have been hired. Mage and Henwood were pushing Rakesh, a council
> communist and intellectual snob with no publishing history, while Michael
> Yates stated it would have not been the best choice. Kathe Pollit got
> the act as well, on Rakesh's behalf. What this liberal has to do with MR
> internal hiring practices is anybody's guess.
> In any case, the irony is that as much as MR would love to answer Wood,
> there is nobody around who could do as good a job as me and I am finished
> with them forever.
> Louis Proyect
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