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Who is Jaime Yovanovic Prieto, (Professor J.)?

*Profesor J is the web pen name for Jaime Yovanovic Prieto. Jaime was
born in 1948 in Valparaiso, Chile. In 1970 he was the spokesperson for
the MIR and in 1971 he left his home and the University to live with
1500 poor families in occupied lands which came to be known as
Campamento de Pobladores Sin Casa Salvador Allende. He was arrested
after the coup and tortured for a year resulting in multiple fractures
and the near total loss of his hearing.

After being expelled from Chile, he returned clandestinely and joined
the armed struggle until 1984 when he was accused of having participated
in the assassination of junta member General Carol Urzua, a charge he
categorically denies. He was expelled again after seeking refuge in the
papal nuncio with an armed group. He then went to Cuba as a UNHCR
(United Nations High Commission on Refugees) refugee where he graduated
in Law from the University of Havana and was the vice-president of the
committee for Chilean exiles.

In 1987 he withdrew from the MIR and started Clajadep for discussion and
interchange of ideas for a horizontal democracy based on autonomy and
popular power. He was invited to Brazil where he taught alternative law
in various universities and institutions. The name Professor J. came
from his Brazilian students.

In 2000 he participated in the Anti-imperialist Camp in Assisi, Italy,
where he was arrested pending extradition for the Urzua case. The
Italian government refused to extradite him to Chile and he was expelled
to Brazil.

Back in Brazil he found all doors closed to him and he began receiving
death threats.

He escaped to Bolivia where he worked with coca workers and the
Coordination of Water of Cochabamba. While there he learned that the
Chilean military was in close contact with his coworkers, so he went to
Mozambique where he organized discussion groups about autonomy in
outlying neighborhoods. He also participated in activities in South

He was arrested again in 2002 at the Anti-imperialist camp and sent to
Johannesburg, where he was held in prison for two months. South Africa
refused Chile's petition for extradition, and he was unable to leave
South Africa for fear of being arrested again. While in South Africa,
however, he had no working papers.

He calls himself a freethinking Marxist, anarchist, Zapatista or any
other ideological label one cares to give him. He thinks that autonomous
groups should create their own worldview by studying and learning from
the experiences and trends of the revolutionary camp, and especially in
their own experience of self-management and resistance.

He adamantly refuses to draw maps for freedom struggles since he feels
that that is the role of each autonomous group.

His dream is to end the persecution and return to Chile to teach
alternative law and continue participating in worldwide discussions and
freedom struggles.

To this end he has voluntarily returned to Chile to clarify his case
once and for all. He was arrested as soon as he stepped foot on Chilean
soil and is jailed in the high security prison in Santiago [CAS]. From
his cell he and his supporters are planning his defense, 30 years after
the vicious US supported military coup that ended and uprooted so many
Chilean lives.

Letter of Support for Jaime Yovanovic Prieto (PROFESSOR J)

The Professor is innocent and we are asking for his immediate freedom.

To Companeros and Friends;

We ask that you circulate the following letter widely requesting support
in the case of Jaime Yovanovic Prieto.

The addresses are as follows:

Pdte Ricardo Lagos
presidencia at

Ministro de Justicia
lbates at

Pdte de la corte suprema
cortesuprema at

Pdte del Senado
zaldivar at

Vice pdte del senado
cbombal at

Pdte de la Camara diputados:
iallende at

Vice pdte de la camara de Diputados
esilva at

Pdte comision de Constitucion legislacion y justicia
del senado
achadwick at

Pdte comision de Constitucion legislacion y justicia de la camara de
jburgos at

Thank you,.

In Solidarity,


Clajadep4 at


Dear Sirs and Madams:

I (we) are writing to ask that you to support a cause that we consider
to be just. That cause is the case of Jaime Yovanovic Prieto, who is
innocent of the charges against him.

He was unjustly singled out as a perpetrator of a crime that he did not
commit, during a time in Chile when human dignity and truth had no

He was accused and subjected to a Military Tribunal processing which was
not and is not competent, as he is not a member of the armed forces.

He was tried in absentia, which from a legal standpoint is inadmissible
since he was not present to defend himself.

For 20 years he has been followed and persecuted everywhere he went,
there being many requests for his extradition. He had to deal with being
incarcerated a number of times as a result. Each time, the country being
requested to extradite him refused, because of the political nature of
the persecution.

He suffered attempts against his life and was never permitted an
existence worthy of any human being.

Today he presents himself voluntarily before the Chilean Tribunals to
confirm his innocence and he finds himself judged for an offense which
according to the law does not exist. The description of this offense was
covered up. Another legal error?

Today he is sick, from an illness most likely picked up in one of the
many countries to which he was forced to flee, and for which he had no
resources for medical attention. We still don't know the extent of
damage his body has suffered.

For all these reasons we call upon you to advocate for the immediate
release from prison of Jaime Yovanovic Prieto


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