a question

jenyan1 jenyan1 at uic.edu
Sat Sep 1 14:12:35 MDT 2001

Greetings Nestor!
I have a question for you. The graduate students organisation at UIC is
very weak, only having been established four years ago. So when the
university decided to put the graduate students on a new private health
plan run by a corporation in Texas, nobody so much as raised a squeak.

I had been reluctant to join the GEO in the first place, because I'm well
aware of the role that AFL-CIO played in promoting anti-popular and CIA
inspired labour organisations worldwide.

What is your take on the official labour movements in the imperialist
countries? In Japan for example, many of the unions are in fact company
run, or so I hear, while in this country they are staunch defenders of

John Enyang

Ps: Nothing's untainted, and the science in the universities are very much
an arm of the military complex. All this behind the facade of liberalism
and civilisation (that word which leaves a bad taste in our mouths).

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