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Sat Sep 1 19:48:32 MDT 2001

"The sum of the values in circulation can clearly not
be augmented by any change in their distribution, any
more than the quantity of the precious metals in a
country by a Jew selling a Queen Anne's farthing for a

 --- Karl Marx, Capital Vol. 1, Chapter V,
"Contradictions in the General Formula of Capital", p
163, International Publishers, NY.

So can the charge of anti-semitism be labelled at Marx
*who himself was Jewish*? Note that the modern
connotation of the word "semitism" excludes the vast
majority of the semitic people; i.e., the people of
the Arab world.

In this list, our moderator, Louis Proyect, who is
doing an admirable job in exposing the anarchist
"philosopher king" Bakunin, extracted in one of his
posts, a passage from Bakunin's book demonstrating
Bakunin's anti-semitism. He has also previously
commented on Engels racism vis a vis the Irish. But so
far he has left Marx alone.

My question is this: Is this a valuable tactic for
Marxists to focus on the foibles/weaknesses of great
revolutionary historical figures (Bakunin is not in
this category) which thereby will give ammunition into
the hands of the ever-lurking ideologues of the
bourgeosie? If Bakunin was anti-semitic, was Marx also
one (there are other quotes of Marx than can be
offered on this point)?


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