Socialism, Anarchism & Bakunin

Mark Lause lause at
Sun Sep 2 11:06:43 MDT 2001

Jim Farmelant wrote:

> I don't think anyone here is saying that all of Bakunin's anarchism
> is reducible to his ethnic rants but his rants ARE in my view
> symptomatic of some of the sources of the appeal of anarchism IMO.

In the absence of some substantive discussion of anarcho-communism, etc.,
the exchanges have been implied this kind of reductionism.

As to what these rants imply, you're making an unproved--and
unprovable--assertion, that it does the Marxis argument absolutely no good
to make it.  Ditto, assertions about  "the sources of the appeal of
anarchism" are also based on assumptions that entirely ignore the fact
that the appeal of socialism came from the same sources. Yeah, I know the
assertion "anarchism appealed to the lumpen" while the "socialism appealed
to the unemployed".   Or the related assertion that anarchism reflected
the threatened status of artisans and craftsmen, while socialism grew from
the reasoned concerns of skilled workers facing industrialization.  No
matter how you slice it, it's the same thing.


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