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Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez has visited Santiago de Chile recently. He 
paid a hommage to Bernardo O'Higgins, the "Libertador" of Chile. Professor 
Pedro Godoy, one of the -alas- too few Chilean intelectuals who can boast of a 
clear Latin Americanist vision, has drafted a comment on the reasons why the 
hommage by Chávez is most adequate.

I have hastilly translated prof. Godoy's very short text, which is both a reply 
to those who ignore the continental dimensions of the original struggles for 
Latin American independence, and a good introduction to the "Mapuche 
sovereignty" issue, which cannot be seriously stated without a broader 
conception of Chilean sovereignty. But on this I will return later.


President Chávez has visited Chile.  The reason: the Grupo Río Summit. He 
generates popular sympathies. He is cheered by those who like us are in favor 
of MERCOSUR, of the demolition of the structure of lack of confidence that 
divorces us from Peru, of the end for the enclosure of Bolivia, and for a stop 
in the purchase of weapons. His hommage to Bernardo O'Higgins on the birthday 
of the Liberator is meaningful. 

O'Higgins represents Bolivarianism. As a statesman, he considers Independence 
as a continental process. As a military man, he has the highest ranks in the 
Armies of Chile, Argentina and Perú.  He never forgets that it is the help of 
troops from the River Plate that made the victories of Chacabuco and Maipú 
possible. His comradeship with the gaucho San Martín is paradigmatic. On 
governmental duty, he works for an alliance between the Southern Cone and the 
Great Colombia. Ostracized by Chileans, he puts himself under the orders of 
Bolívar. A refugee in Lima, he states that: "soy chileno por nacimiento y 
peruano por gratitud" (I am Chilean by birth and Peruvian by gratitude). He 
supports the Perú-Bolivia Confederation and he opposes the war of Chile against 
the Bolivian Protector Andrés Santa Cruz... 

This Venezuelan flowers offered on his grave have provided help to concord in 
this subregion. We from Santiago thank you for this gesture, Comandante Chávez! 

Prof. Pedro Godoy 
Centro de Estudios Chilenos CEDECH 
cedech at 
I am adding Prof. Godoy's addresses, for whoever wants to get in touch with 
him. He is a resident of Santiago de Chile.

cedech at  
of. san ignacio 1341  
telfax (56-2) 464 0031  
casilla 272 (3)  
santiago de chile  

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