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Shortly after the end of NATO's war of aggression against Yugoslavia,
I was a member of a delegation which travelled throughout Yugoslavia,
documenting NATO war crimes. Among those we interviewed were Albanian
refugees from Kosovo who fled to Belgrade from the KLA. All were
afraid of being killed by the KLA, but all missed their homes. It
appears that one of them, Corin Ismali, chose to take a chance on
returning home. The news report below concerns Ismali. The news
report struck me particularly hard, not only because I met the man,
but because when I met him I was struck by his extraordinary
gentleness and goodness. Following that is the portion of our
interview with Ismali, taken from a complete transcript on interviews
with all of the Albanian refugees, 'If They Find Me, They Will Kill
Me.' Let us not forget where the murderers got their weapons and
training from - from the self-proclaimed NATO "humanitarians," who
will do nothing about this murder, as they have done nothing about
the thousands of other individuals murdered by KLA thugs. Nothing
that is, except continue to support and encourage the murderers.

Agence France-Presse Septemebr 3, 2001


Pristina, Sep 3, 2001 -- (Agence France Presse) Attackers in Kosovo
gunned down an ethnic Albanian politician in front of his family over
the weekend, a United Nations spokesman told AFP on Monday. Cerim
Ismaili, 47, whose party was reportedly loyal to former Yugoslav
hardliner Slobodan Milosevic, died in hospital in Pristina after the
attack at the hands of unknown assailants at his home in Gornje
Godance, around 25 kilometers (15 miles) south of the regional
capital, Andrea Angeli said.

Ismaili was secretary of the Democratic Initiative of Kosovo, the
United Nations Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) spokesman said. The Beta
news agency said the party was loyal to Milosevic.

United Nations authorities -- who have administered the province
since Belgrade's troops pulled out in June 1999 -- said they had
found several cartridge cases from Kalashnikov assault rifles at the
scene of the killing.

UN officials have launched an inquiry into the attack.

INTERVIEW WITH CORIN ISMALI (From 'If They Find Me, They Will Kill

(Questions by Barry Lituchy, Iman El-Sayed and Joe Friendly)

[Lituchy] Tell us your name, and what town you're from, and also what
your position was in the Albanian community in Kosovo.

[Ismali] Corin Ismali, from Stimlje, near Lipljan.

[Lituchy] What position did you have in the Albanian community?

[Ismali] I was under-secretary in the Executive Council in Kosovo for
national social questions, and also secretary for the party.

[Lituchy] Would you tell us what happened after the bombing stopped
in Kosovo?

[Ismali] After the NATO bombing stopped, we had to leave Kosovo
because KFOR did not guarantee us freedom, or peace, or the
possibility to walk in the evening without being afraid of KLA

[Lituchy] Did you speak with KFOR at any time and ask for their

[Ismali] We wanted to speak with Mr. Kouchner, but we could not meet
with him. We don't know the reason. No one told us why.

[Lituchy] Are you a refugee from Kosovo.

[Ismali] Yes, we had to leave Kosovo.

[Lituchy] Why did you leave Kosovo?

[Ismali] Because I was not safe in Kosovo.

[Lituchy] Were you threatened by anyone in Kosovo?

[Ismali] Yes, because I supported Yugoslavia, and I opposed
secession. That is why I had to leave Kosovo.

[Lituchy] Why did, or do, Albanians support Yugoslavia?

[Ismali] Because we want to live with other ethnic groups in
Yugoslavia. We do not want to live in a country that has only one
ethnic group.

[El-Sayed] Do Albanians in Kosovo want to live in Yugoslavia, but
they are forced to listen to the KLA?

[Ismali] Yes. They are forced by the KLA to leave Kosovo because they
don' t want to join the KLA.

[Lituchy] Why did some Albanians join the KLA? Why do you think?

[Ismali] We don't know, because that is their own opinion.

[Lituchy] What percentage of the people in Kosovo of Albanian
background do you think would have been happy to stay in Yugoslavia
without the KLA?

[Ismali] Almost all of us want to return to Kosovo, to live in Kosovo
with other ethnic groups, if someone could guarantee our safety.
About eighty percent of refugees want to return. But we are afraid of
the KLA.

[Lituchy] When you left Kosovo, what did you leave behind?

[Ismali] I left approximately one million Deutsche Marks in Kosovo:
houses, property, fields, cars, furniture, everything.

[Lituchy] What kind of government do you expect the KLA will
establish, now that they've gained power?

[Ismali] They want a mono-ethnic government.

[Lituchy] Was any member of your family threatened, injured or

[Ismali] No, because we left Kosovo in time.

[Lituchy] What day did you leave Kosovo?

[Ismali] We left Kosovo on the 16th of June.

[Lituchy] And you haven't been back?

[Ismali] No. I left my municipality fourteen months ago, because they
threatened me to leave Stimlje. Then I moved to Brecovica, and I left
Brecovica on the 16th of June.

[Lituchy] Would you like to return to Kosovo?

[Ismali] Yes, of course. Why not?

[Lituchy] Under what conditions do you think you might be able to
return to Kosovo?

[Ismali] If our army and police return to Kosovo, I will go the same
day. The reason is that I must have peace, freedom, and no one to
threaten me before I can return to Kosovo.

[El-Sayed] Do you think the United States created the KLA?

[Ismali] They had support, but I cannot say whether the United States
formed the KLA.

[Lituchy] Why do you think the United States intervened in Kosovo?
Why did it want to break up Yugoslavia?

[Ismali] They have their interests, and they wanted to install their
military bases in Kosovo.

[Lituchy] Is there anything you would like to say to the American
people about what the United States government has done in Kosovo?

[Ismali] I want to say to the American people not to intervene in our
Yugoslav problems. We will solve these ourselves.

[Ismali] I want to say to the American people not to intervene in our
Yugoslav problems. We will solve these ourselves.

[Friendly] Does the KLA give any indication of their interest in
democracy, or do they tend to be more totalitarian?

[Ismali] I think it won't be democracy.

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