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Ashrawi is no real hero, and she's made some terrible hard-to-forgive
political mistakes in the "peace process" years in her search for the
limelight and VIP status.  Among them, to be specific, she didn't
follow the lead of the Chairman of the Palestinian negotiating
delegation in 1993, Dr. Haidar Abdul-Shafi, who refused to attend the
White House "peace signing" ceremony -- rather she gleefully endorsed
it all with a big smile.  And at the worst moments of double
repression, even while her colleague Dr.  Iyad Sarraj was under arrest
and being tortured by the Arafat regime, Ashrawi endorsed all that was
happening as an Arafat-appointed "Minister" while so many others were
already seriously struggling against the now unmasked "apartheid peace
process".  Of late Ashrawi has actually agreed to be the spokesperson
for the lamentable and disfunctional Arab League, the very same body
that helped bring about genocidal policies toward Iraq, has done so
little for so long for the Palestinians, and is clearly the controlled
creature of the leading American-sponsored Arab "client regimes" of
the region.  This said, Ashrawi is a most gifted writer and speaker,
and though she purposefully leaves out some crucial insights and
analysis, her speech a few days ago to the NGOs meeting in Durban in
advance of the official conference is nevertheless important and worth

Address by Hanan Ashrawi to The World Conference Against Racism,
Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia, and Related Intolerances

Durban, South Africa

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