Taaffe on Cuba

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Tue Sep 4 14:56:06 MDT 2001

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>> And what of those who call it a model of socialism or a healthy workers
>> state? The real problem is that the Cuban model
> One real problem is that too many marxists aren't aware that "model" is
> not a word that fits into a marxist framework very well. Leave
> "model-building" to bourgeois social scientists and small kids who like
> to sniff glue.
> "Model" implies total control over context by a single intellect.
> Carrol

Well, I guess we can just make this into a semantic argument. It's a bit
amusing that Louis assails me for using an 'obscure Trotskyist' term like
"worker's state" but then criticises me (as you just did) for using a
bourgeois term like "model" instead of the 'correct' term "blueprint."

Fine, make it a blueprint if you like, my point remains the same.


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