Taaffe on Cuba

Adam Levenstein cleon42 at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 4 16:20:22 MDT 2001

Well put, Carrol.

Engineering a society is not the same as engineering a
bridge. You can't simply say, "ok, we'll do here what
we did over there." Life isn't that simple - and that
goes for whatEVER revolution you think is the
"blueprint," be it Cuba, China, or (in the case of
orthodox Trots) the Soviet Union.

You can't simply say "we'll go and do exactly what the
Cubans did," simply because we're not facing the same
reality that the Cubans are/were. (I won't go into the
specifics, simply because I don't want to insult
anyone's intelligence.)

The communists that have accepted and embraced the
Cuban Revolution have simply recognized that. The
obvious fact that 2001 Cuba is not the same as 1918
Russia does not mean "Cuba is not socialist."


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