Taaffe on Cuba

Philip Ferguson plf13 at student.canterbury.ac.nz
Tue Sep 4 16:47:05 MDT 2001

> Andy L wrote:
> The real problem is that the Cuban model of revolution sidetracked a
> whole generation of revolutionaries in Latin American into believing that
> the way to revolution in their own countries was not through the working
> class but through arming themselves and heading into the mountains. Not only
> did this result in the death of many of these cadre but it also wasted
> opportunities for revolution throughout Latin America, revolutions which
> could have sustained the Cuban revolution today.

The Cuban revolution didn't sidetrack anyone.

Revolutionaries in Latin America drew on the experience of Cuba to try
to make revolutions in their own countries.  On some cases they applied
a very mechanical reading of the Cuban events and, not surprisingly,
stuffed up; in other cases, the enemy was simply too strong.

The left in North America stuffed up just as badly, but had the luxury
of not getting killed because they were living in imperialist
democracies.  Any serious struggle in Latin America is liable to get you

I don't think much of any of this can be blamed on the Cubans.

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