Taaffe and Cuba

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Tue Sep 4 19:58:35 MDT 2001

>>The Stalinist stagist theory, openly endorsed by the DSP and the SWP and
implicitly endorsed by those who insist Cuba is a socialist model has been a
disaster for third-world revolutionary movements and merits criticism. Why
all this bellicose indignation at Taaffe's temerity to take on the DSP and,
by extension, the followers of Joseph Hansen's formulations inside and
outside the SWP and USFI?<<

The Stalinists don't have a "stages" theory of revolution, they don't have a
theory of revolution at all.

Your insistence on debating whether Cuba is a socialist "model" and so on
shows that you have an essentially platonic, idealist method. You set up
these pretty pictures full of smiling children and workers councils drawing
up five year plans, compare Cuban reality to the inventions of your own
imagination, and find reality wanting.

Bombastic statements suggesting that Cuba is responsible for or connected to
a "disaster for third-world revolutionary movements" are *entirerly*
unconvincing. What *has* been a disaster for the Third World, and not just
its revolutionary movements, has been the failure of the international
working class to render sufficient and timely aid to struggling
revolutionary governments.


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