Regarding Annett and Craven

Adam Levenstein cleon42 at
Tue Sep 4 20:03:10 MDT 2001

I'd just like to comment for a minute on the situation
with Annett and Jim Craven.

What we have here is a person that has gotten himself
into a position, how I have no idea, where he is able
to make his opinions known and is regarded (by some)
as an authority. He uses this authority - real or
imagined - to spread deliberate falsehoods about the
First Nations liberation movement, while claiming to
be one of its supporters. He is deliberately lying in
order to try and destroy his enemies politically, by
accusing them of being on the police payroll and by
claiming to "really" represent the movement.

So really, what it comes down to is that Annett is an
enemy of the First Nations liberation movement, and of
progressives in general. I do not have sufficient
evidence to say that he (rather than Jim) is a cop or
on their payroll, but he is acting as if he were
working directly for Hoover. At *best*, he is an enemy
of the struggle and a serious danger.

He is ruthlessly slandering progressives and, as Lou
has pointed out, one of the few Marxists in the
leadership of the FN liberation movement. As the old
union saying goes, "an injury to one is an injury to

People have questioned whether this "personal
disagreement" belongs in this list, but I think Jim is
doing the right thing by circulating the story as much
as possible. Annett *is* listened to, and as such he
*is* a danger. "Danger" is not something I say
lightly, as not every crank who gets on a platform
really is a danger. But the fact that there are some
people out there who take him seriously makes him a
threat to the movement as a whole.


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