Taaffe on Cuba

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Tue Sep 4 20:03:21 MDT 2001

> Xxxx Xxxxxx wrote:
>> Fine, make it a blueprint if you like, my point remains the same.
> Blueprint is equally unmarxist. I wasn't objecting to words. I was
> objecting to your fundamental assumption that choosing social systems
> was like choosing brands of beans off of a supermarket shelf.

Is it my fundamental assumption or the assumption of those who are
uncritical of Cuba, feel it is a democratic socialist society and state to
be emulated as is?

> I presume
> that was Lou's point too more or less. You aren't talking like a
> marxist. You are talking like a Madison Avenue executive, a highschool
> civics teacher, or the quality control engineer in an auto plant.
> Nothing you say touches on existing human activity.

I'm sorry Carrol but if one feels that there is nothing about the Cuban
system or revolution to be criticised than one implicitly views it as some
sort of model or blueprint. Either that or one feels that there are
different standards for what a democratic workers state should be like for
the Cubans and what it should be like for themselves... and *that* sort of
double standard would be unMarxist.


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