Taaffe on Cuba

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Tue Sep 4 20:55:54 MDT 2001

>> Fine, is it a model for socialism? Is there an economic plan that is decided
>> upon in a democratic way? Or is the plan drawn up by officials with little,
>> if any, input or criticism from ordinary Cubans? That is the crux of
>> Taaffe's criticism and that is what neither you nor Jose have addressed in
>> your responses to Taaffe's book. Are democratic tendencies allowed within
>> the Cuban Communist Party? Are other parties permitted? Is there a free
>> press in Cuba? Is open criticism allowed? If not then I don't see how you
>> can say Cuba is a democratic workers state and that is an important concept
>> no matter how much you would like to dismiss it as some sort of obscure
>> Trotskyist shibboleth it is, in fact, a fundamental question not only for
>> Trotskyists but for socialists in general.
> think you should read this
> http://members.attcanada.ca/~dchris/CubaFAQ.html#Democracy

The site is based on information from Arnold August's book, "Democracy in
Cuba and the 1997-98 Elections." August is the former leader of a Maoist
party in Quebec. I'm not sure if he's really the most credible authority on


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