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> > [I have tried to read Franzen's first two novels,
> > but find them
> > terribly overwritten and burdened by postmodernist
> > conceits.

> Well, that's just the way you *perceive* it.
> (har har har)

Adam, you just don't understand. Science is only relevant as long as Marx
is using as an underpinning to dialectic materialism, in order to give it
respectiblity. Outside that specialized area, however, science is of no
value when assessing the self expression of oppressed groups. You see,
Marx didn't mean it when he talked about class; he was on drugs the whole
time and didn't really mean what he said about the revolutionary
potential of the working class lying in its specific weight within the
social organism.

Post-modern radicals have figured it out, however, and now we know what
he really meant to say. You see, the revolution hinges on the parochialism
of identity politics of oppressed groups. Suffering brings wisdom; so, it
follows that every utterance, no matter how subjective, from oppressed
groups has wisdom far beyond whatever you may find in a lifetime of
scientific research. These faith statements must be priviledged above the
mere *possibility* of research.

Do not despair, my son. You, too can come to the truth of cultural
relativity. You, too, can learn to give up the elitism of belief in
science. Just place your hand on your computer monitor and FEEEEEL the
power of cultural relativity working in your soul. Just kneel down with me
and allow the power to come through your monitor. Belieeeeeve, the truth,
my son, and you will find peace and give up your illusions.

I can FEEEEL the power coming ..... oops! that wasn't it. Let's try again.
I can FEEEL .... oops! That wan't it either. Sorry.

Well, in the meantime, you might want to wander over to the Bob Jones
University and memorize the faith statement over there; because,  we're
all going to be needing it soon.

Here is an excerpt from the archives of the biblical errancy list, on how
the creationists see the teaching of creationism in school.

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HARRY 8/24:  You are correct. ID is creationism without being open &
honest.  However.....Phillip Johnson, a leading IDer, according to the
Los Angeles Times:   "OUR work will alert people to the possibility
that GOD is REAL rather than a projection of the mind. WE are taking an
intuition most people have and making it a scientific and acedemic
enterprise . WE are removing the most important CULTURAL roadblock to
professor emeritus of law and author of "Darwin on Trial", on the
"intellegent design" movement, as quoted in the Los Angeles  Times
(UUWorld, Sept./Oct. 2001, p. 15. EMPH. mine). Clearly, even if he didn't
say this, the quote is what they are doing. THEY are trying to use public
schools, paid by our taxes, to prepare people for conversion.  THEY want
to remove the "*CULTURAL*" barriers to "accepting" the XIAN 'god' "as
Creator". They may not say the XIAN 'God'/'god', but that is their goal.
Do you deny this, Joe & other Bible believers?

>> > >snip>> >
Deny it?...I praise it. There are millions of us praying for it

And so Jill confirms what we have been saying all along. If someone
doesn't work to put the skids on these biblical fundamentalists
working overtime to impose their beliefs on the general public, we will
someday live in a society like those in Muslim countries where laws are
determined by a ruling religious class.
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Hope this helps.

Joan Cameron

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