The Daily Contradiction

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Wed Sep 5 03:13:47 MDT 2001

On Tue, 4 Sep 2001, Debordagoria wrote:

> This seems much, much, too easy an answer to a
> question
> that haunts many of us.  Poor, exploited prison guards
> are evil, but it's okay to (for example) help
> corporations defraud consumers and degrade the environment?

There were a number of other responses to this query. You might wish to
check the archives. The bottom line is: you can only be totally pure if
you go live in the wooods and scrounge nuts and berries, and trade only
through barter, and don't talk to anyone who is not totally politically
correct. Of course, in these circumstances, you cannot guarantee that your
sanity will not deteriorate, because human consciousness is formed in
human society and when you lose touch with that reality, you lose touch
with your sanity.  This is one reason Marxists promote democracy.

Your soul will be pure; but, your conscience won't, because you know you
should be out contributing to the revolution.
Joan Cameron

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