[IM_GREEN] Bukidnon farmers protest Bt-Corn

Michael Keaney Michael.Keaney at mbs.fi
Wed Sep 5 07:24:08 MDT 2001

Johannes said:

I got this too. It originates from the September 4 issues of the
paper Sun Star, Cayagan de Oro edition.


It seems the Marxism list got this (twice), judging from the archives.
My apologies for adding to subscribers' costs. However, if the sender
had clearly specified "Marxmail" or somesuch in the address line there
would have been no confusion. The messages I received were sent to a
collection of half-formed addresses, including "@mbs.fi", which made me
think it was spam. Perhaps other listers saw a part of their own address
in the message.

Michael Keaney

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