Fire Extinguisher Thrown by Police in Genoa Shooting

Charles Brown CharlesB at
Wed Sep 5 07:10:32 MDT 2001

Fire Extinguisher Thrown by Police in Genoa Shooting


(YellowTimes.ORG) -- By looking at new pictures of the Genoa shooting
scene that left Carlo Guiliani dead,evidence shows the fire extinguisher in the hands of Carlo Guiliani at the time of his death was supplied to
him by the police.

It appears that an officer in the rear of the police vehicle, perhaps
also the shooter, threw a fire extinguisher from inside the vehicle at the protesters. This would mean that protesters did not carry an extinguisher with
them during the protests to use against police. In the picture, it also
becomes clear that it was a fire extinguisher and not a "propane tank," as some media outlets reported.

This incident can be seen in picture A. After the fire extinguisher hits the ground, it appears Carlo Guiliani picks it up to throw it back at the police.
This can be seen in picture B. It is at this point that Carlo Guiliani is shot in what looks to be his left eye. Various news agencies reported
that he was shot twice in the head, but YellowTimes.ORG can only
confirm one entry location from the pictures. This incident can be seen in
picture C. These new pictures show that the police indirectly supplied the fire
extinguisher to the protesters. Carlo Guiliani did not travel with the fire extinguisher in hopes of throwing it at police; rather, police threw their fire
extinguisher out of the vehicle and then shot Carlo Guiliani as he was
about to throw it back at them.

This new information coincides with the growing consensus that police
were very brutal in their handling of the Genoa protests.

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