Taaffe on Cuba

Xxxx Xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx at xxxxxxxxx.xx
Wed Sep 5 09:56:42 MDT 2001

Phil Ferguson writes:
> Let's be clear.  As far as I've seen there are no uncritical supporters
> of Cuba on this list.  The people who have posted who are hostile to
> Taaffe's book - Jose, Louis, Carroll, me, Adam - have all said that we
> have no problem with peole making criticisms of Cuba.  We just haven't
> been impressed much by Taaffe's.

"Having no problem with people making criticisms of Cuba" and "critical
support of Cuba" are two very different concepts. If you are correct and
Jose, Louis, Carroll, Adam and yourself in fact "critically support" Cuba
then I have seen no evidence of this as I have heard no criticisms from them
or you of Cuba. Feel free to provide some.


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