Two views on the Paris Commune

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Never were elections more fierce than those of March, 1871. The opponents
of the commune admit it themselves. . .But what was the result? Shut up in
the city hall, charged to proceed after the forms established by the
preceding governments, these ardent revolutionists, these reformers found
themselves smitten with incapacity and sterility. With all their good will
and their courage they did not even know how to organize a defense of
Paris. In fact, universal suffrage, when it is quite free, can only
produce, at best, an assembly which represents the average of the opinions
which at the time a re held by the mass of the people. And this average at
the outbreak of the revolution has only a vague idea of the work to be
accomplished, without understanding at all how they ought to undertake it.

Prince Peter Kropotkin, "Revolutionary Government"


Look at the Paris Commune. This was the Dictatorship of the Proletariat.

Friedrich Engels, Introduction to Karl Marx's "The Civil War in France"

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