Taaffe on Cuba

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Wed Sep 5 16:05:26 MDT 2001

Xxxx Xxxxxx wrote:
>  If you are correct and
> Jose, Louis, Carroll, Adam and yourself in fact "critically support" Cuba
> then I have seen no evidence of this as I have heard no criticisms from them
> or you of Cuba. Feel free to provide some.

I suppose finding fault with Cuba can make individuals who pine for
liberal purity of soul feel better about themselves, but I fail to see
any political difference it would make to anyone. Whatever may be the
faults of the Cuba, it is Cubans not smart alecs from the imperialist
nations, who are going to have to deal with those faults. I suppose they
might have better luck in that regard if we could get the U.S. to lay

I support Cuba. Period. I don't see what point (other than the
hypothesized lust for moral and political purity) there can be to Xxxx's
whinings. Neither praise nor blame for Cuba will make the slightest
differenct to organizing anyplace else: the conditions are doo
different. But I can see how this longing for purity can add up to a
political filibuster, simply clouding up discourse on the left with


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