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>The little statelets that might eventually
>emerge out of the aboriginal people's struggles
>can no more defend their own borders than Canada

This is not the issue in Canada, nor is it in Chile with the Mapuche.
Neither the Blackfoot nor the Mapuche are secessionists. They are
demanding that stolen land be returned and that sovereignty over
mineral resources, etc. be defended. Although indigenous struggles
have many of the same dynamics of classic national struggles for
self-determination, there are distinct differences. Instead of
worrying over whether a separate Blackfoot nation is viable, we
should solidarize ourselves with a people whose oil and coal reserves
are being plundered by rapacious oil companies in league with the BIA
and corrupt tribal officials. This is the real meaning of
self-determination in Indian country, not having the power to coin
your own currency or have an air force. Let's get real.

Louis Proyect, lnp3 at on 09/05/2001

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