Syrian Communist Leader Riad Turk Under Arrest

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Wed Sep 5 19:56:48 MDT 2001

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Syrian Communist Leader Riad Turk Under Arrest

Riad Turk, head of the Syrian Communist Party, has
been arrested at the instructions of Syria's ruling
Baath Party, media reports said Sunday.

Turk, 71, was arrested by Syrian security men in the
northern coastal city of Tartus as he was calling on a
clinic of a cardiologist for a checkup, reports said.

The Paris-based Arab Human Rights Committee said in a
statement issued on Saturday that Turk, a lawyer by
profession, was "kidnapped" in Tartus at the orders of
the Baath Party's regional command.

But the Syrian Committee for Human Rights said Turk,
who was spending a vacation at his Tartus Chalet, was
summoned for questioning by the Moukhabarat (secret
service) and that his questioning might not take long.

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