immediate and unconditional release of riad al-turk

Riad Kobaisi hamman at
Wed Sep 5 20:05:51 MDT 2001

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Please sign the following petition for the release of leading opposition
figure Riad al-Turk

To:  All

We call on the Syrian authorities to immediately and unconditionally release
leading opposition figure Riad al-Turk , and ask for assurances he is well
treated in custody and allowed immediate access to medical care and to his
family and lawyers.

Amnesty Inetnational considers Riad al-Turk prisoner of conscience, arrested
solely for his peaceful expression of his political opinions. The organization
is also concerned about his health.

Riad al-Turk, 71, who has diabetes as well as a heart condition, was arrested
by the security forces on 1 September. He was receiving emergency medical
treatment at the time, in the city of Tartus. It is not known where he is

al-Turk had been detained as a prisoner of conscience from 1980 to 1998
because of his opposition to the Syrian government. He was held without charge
or trial, mostly incommunicado, in the Military Interrogation Branch (Far'
al-Tahqiq al-'Askari) in Damascus. He was eventually released under an amnesty
declared by the late President Hafiz al-Assad in May 1998.


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