Some comment on "globalization" (an article by Scott Marshall)

David Walters dwalters at
Wed Sep 5 20:10:12 MDT 2001

 I would take issue with one item in the CPUSA's report. That is the focus
on the "ultra-right". The CPUSA has been pushing this issue for so many
decades it's getting...old.

For the CPUSA, the "Right" in the US means the Republican Party. It  does
not mean the Democrats, who, the CP seems to feel, are some sort of natural
allies of the working class. Nowhere does this report, Scott, place any
blame on the Democrats, who, to be fair to the Republicans, are the MAIN
architects of Globalization. Nowhere in the document does it point out the
need to for workers to find their own solution to the problems of
Globalization, that is, breaking *politically* with the MAIN force that has
stymied our defense: the labor movements reliance on the Democratic Party.

David Walters

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